How do Consuls General celebrate Chinese New Year?
                    This year, Newsgd.com invites Consuls General in Guangzhou to share their impression for Chinese New Year. Let's see how they celebrate the traditional festival!
                    Where to enjoy Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou
                    The Chinese New Year (CNY)'s Eve dinner, also known as the Family Reunion Dinner, might be the most important dinner for Chinese in a whole year.
                    Guangzhou people’s Spring Festival shopping list
                    It is a common convention that almost every festival begins with a grand shopping. To celebrate Christmas, you would buy Christmas trees, foods, and presents for your family. What do Guangzhou’s residents buy before the Spring Festival? This article will give you a glimpse of their must-buy goods!
                    Chinese New Year customs and traditions as observed in Guangdong
                    Chinese Lunar New Year, a traditional festival for family reunion and the most important festival of the year in China, starts from late in the last month on the lunar calendar and lasts until the 15th.
                    Get immersed in local culture this Chinese New Year
                    Want to experience a more meaningful Chinese New Year? Come to the Guangdong Culture Center and make your own New Year woodblock paintings and paper-cuts, two popular decorations for the Chinese New Year holidays.
                    Enjoy upgraded Cantonese dining experience in Guangzhou
                    Cantonese cuisine has long dazzled the world of food lovers with its delicious freshness.
                    Unplugged New Year’s Concert featuring Cantonese folk music
                    Cantonese music is a romantic take on Cantonese, with performances conjuring poetic imagery.
                    24 signature Asian dishes for you to try in Guangzhou
                    Below is guide to let you eat your way around Asia while never leaving the city.
                    Visit over 100 Guangdong museums online
                    Want to visit a museum but DON’T want to be in a large crowd of people? Now you can visit over 100 Guangdong museums online.
                    4 flower and light exhibitions to celebrate spring festival in Guangzhou
                    The Guangzhou landscaping department recently revealed that most of the flower exhibitions will begin soon and drew our attention to 4 major flower exhibitions this year:
                    Five hot spots you won’t want to miss in Guangzhou
                    To short on time and money to travel, and looking for something to brighten up your life in Guangzhou?
                    Stroll through the flower market to start spring festival in Guangzhou
                    For Guangzhouers, one of the most important traditions before Spring Festival is to visit a flower market.
                    Get the ultimate travel experience with a culture and tourism passport
                    How do you usually record the places you have visited in Guangdong? Now you have one more interesting way to keep track of the tourist attractions you have been to.
                    Guangzhou releases activity schedule for Spring Festival
                    The Guangzhou bureau of culture, radio and television announced that a series of activities for this year's Spring Festival in Guangzhou will take place from Jan 21 to Feb 8.
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